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Little Red (Low down and dirty fairytales book 1)

Little Red (Low down and dirty fairytales book 1)

Ruby is content living in her cabin in the woods with her Grandma, sewing her own clothes and hoping to start her own little business. A trip into town to the bakery throws all her future plans out the window when she's convinced she's about to become monster food to her abductor.
Bash is a creature unlike any other. He's been alone since a witch made him a beast and when he first gets a glimpse of Ruby, both him and the monster inside decide she's going to belong to them. He hasn't had many nice things before, so Ruby is about to find out just how a monster handles his pretty prizes! 


This is a terribly smutty insta-love novella that's chock full of growling, roaring and sharp teeth. It's a Little Red Riding Hood retelling although, honestly, there's a whole bunch of liberties taken...


No Grandmas were harmed in the making of this story. 

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