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Lizard's Sparkle (west coast witches book 2)

Lizard's Sparkle (west coast witches book 2)

Book 2 of West Coast Witches. 


Lucian was a bad, bad dragon.


Kicked out of the Goddess' favor because of his vain, selfish, anti-social, jewel-hoarding nature, he found himself tied to the one thing he couldn't possibly resist -  a witch so sparkly, she's almost blinding.


He'd spent an entire year basking in the affection of the brightest witch in the whole of the West Coast, right up until that f*cking cat ruined everything by revealing their biggest secrets, and now he's lucky if he can get a single shimmery pout from his twinkling witch.


Well. He's just about had it with her insistence on ignoring him.


He was a two-tonne dragon. A freaking dragon. With fire and claws and Goddess-dammed spinal spikes for f*cksake. He was going to help her get her clumsy friend back, eat the silly elf that took her, and make her glitter for him until he couldn't see straight anymore.


All that sparkle was his, dammit, and dragons don't share their jewels.

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